Classes for all stages


The benefits of exercise during pregnancy is now well recognised and for most people, is advised.  It is important to be aware of the huge changes happening within the body as well as the more obvious changes (hello bump!) 
Our PREfit classes are designed specifically for your needs at this stage and give you the confidence to know you are doing exercises that are both specific and safe for you and baby.  Our Pilates classes are limited to 10 mums-to-be to ensure you get all the attention you need and get to know each other.  You will also have access to an online portal with on demand sessions and useful advice.


Once baby has arrived and you are ready to make a controlled return to exercise, our REfit classes will help you rebuild your strength and fitness.  Babies are welcomed and are looked after in the hall by a qualified nanny so that you can exercise but still see them and tend to them if needed.  Classes are limited to 10 mums plus babies, so you get the attention you need as well as a chance to get to know the other mums.  All exercises are tailored to the specific needs for this stage of your journey, giving you the confidence to know you are in safe hands.  You will also have access to an online portal with on demand sessions and useful advice.

Mother Exercising By Running Whilst Pushing Baby Buggy.jpg


If you prefer to exercise outdoors or want to mix with the REfit Pilates classes, REfit in the Park is the perfect choice. Exercises are specifically chosen to help restore the postnatal body and to improve functional strength and pelvic health.  Babies come along for the ride and enjoy the fresh air from their buggy while you get a great workout and meet other mums. 


Whether you have just graduated from our postnatal course or are just looking for a Pilates class with a friendly atmosphere, BEfit Pilates is for you! Suitable for all abilities including complete newbies, classes are designed so that you can work at the level that suits you.  Since the initial lockdown, BEfit Pilates classes are also available online, both 'Live' and on demand, so you can exercise when it suits you.


If you would prefer to work one-to-one or in a small group (4 or less) sessions can be tailored to suit your specific needs.  Get in touch for further details and to discuss your individual needs. Typical price £30 per 1 hour session (shorter sessions can be arranged)